Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Fifteen Points

I am really on the path:

If I always look for the best in each person, situation, and thing.

If I resolutely turn my back on the past, good or bad, and live only in the present and future.

If I forgive everybody without exception, no matter what he may have done, and if I then forgive MYSELF whole-heartedly.

If I regard my job as sacred and do my day's work to the very best of my ability (whether I like it or not).

If I take every means to demonstrate a healthy body and harmonious surroundings for myself.

If I endeavor to make my life of as much service to others as possible, without interfering or fussing.

If I take every opportunity wisely to spread the knowledge of the Truth to others.

If I rigidly refrain from personal criticism, and neither speak nor listen to gossip.

If I devote at least a quarter of an hour a day to prayer and meditation.

If I read at least seven verses of the Bible every day.

If I specifically claim spiritual understanding for myself every day.

If I train myself to give the first thought on awakening to God.

If I speak the Word for the whole world every day, say, at noon.

If I PRACTICE the Golden Rule of Jesus instead of merely admiring it. He said, "Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." The important point about the Golden Rule is that I am to practice it whether the other fellow does or not.

If above all, I understand that whatever I see is but a picture which can be changed for the better by Scientific Prayer.

If you want to demonstrate, ask yourself once a week how far you are observing these points in your life.

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