Wednesday, 1 November 2017

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Free Choice

The question of a human being’s free will has been argued for centuries by learned individuals. We can answer it for ourselves as a result of our experience in AA.

Our freedom was lost while we were in the grip of alcohol. Once free of drink, we still realized that many things in life are controlled by other people and things, such as political and economic forces.

If our employer closes the business, for example, we may have to choose less satisfactory employment. If a person threatens physical violence, we may have to go along with his or her wishes against our will.

In all circumstances, our free will lies in the way we choose to think about what’s happening. We always have the choice of turning to our Higher Power in thought, rather than reacting with fear and resentment. This is the only free will we can possibly have in the world, but it may be all we really need.

If a difficult situation or problem arises, I’ll remember that no human power could have relieved my alcoholism. This will remind me that the true source of power is always at hand.

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