Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Daily Dose Of Emmet Fox

The man who really believes that his wares are excellent does not dream of lying about them. The man who is satisfied with what he is, has no incentive to pretend to be something that he is not. The man who is conscious of substantial achievement has no desire to boast. Nature always takes you at your own valuation. Believe that you are a child of God – really believe it. Believe that you express Divine Life, Divine Truth, and Divine Love. Believe that Divine Wisdom guides you. Believe that God is your supply. Believe that God is helping and blessing humanity through you yourself. Believe that you are a special enterprise on the part of God and that He is opening your way – and what you really believe, that you will demonstrate. EF (Find and Use Your Inner Power)

My hope & faith are focused on fulfilling the Christ potential in my body, in my mind & in my affairs!

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