Saturday, 2 February 2019

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Staying Active

Friends and relatives are often grateful when they witness an alcoholic’s dramatic recovery after years of horror and pain. However, they sometimes fail to understand the importance of meetings after the alcoholic has been sober for months or years. “Do you have to go to another meeting this week?” a spouse might say. “Aren’t you overdoing it a bit?” Or a friend might say, “You’re sober now. Why do you need those people?”

Some AA members probably do use the meetings simply as a social outlet and attend more than they need. But no other person can really determine what you or I need to maintain sobriety. Moreover, even in sobriety, we are always dealing with alcohol, which can come back into our lives with stunning force if we ever become careless or foolish. It is much better to go to more meetings than we need than to attend too few or none at all.

There is another side as well. The meetings need us. By attending meetings, we are carrying the AA message and providing a haven for desperate newcomers who need our help.

However, we should be tolerant and under-standing when others are critical of our zealous attendance of meetings. It is not necessary that they understand our need. It is only necessary that we understand!

I will remember today that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. I don’t want to change anything—including meeting attendance—that is necessary for my continued sobriety.

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