Sunday, 3 February 2019

WALK IN DRY PLACES #essentialsofrecovery



The early history of AA still sparkles with fortunate coincidences that moved the fellowship forward. It was miraculous, for example, that Bill W.’s telephone call in 1935 was to a woman who “just happened” to know Dr. Bob, a suffering alcoholic.
When we are in tune with AA’s spiritual pro-gram, we know with absolute certainty that there really are no chance events or coincidences. Our Higher Power is in charge and all things really are working together for good, even though this is not always apparent at first.

If we let this Higher Power guide and direct our lives, we will be thrilled and delighted by a number of wonderful coincidences. We may happen to pick up the magazine or book that gives us information we need. We might take the wrong bus or subway and meet a person whose advice changes our lives. Or we follow a hunch and make an unusual decision that leads to a number of opportunities we never dreamed of.

We cannot force these fortunate “coincidences” to happen or direct their course, except by following the program every day. But we never need fret about the future if we have placed our lives in God’s hands. There are no coincidences—only the hand of God ceaselessly at work.

I will work this day as if everything depended on me, but at the same time I will know that every-thing really depends on God.

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