Monday, 10 April 2017

A WOMAN’S SPIRIT #essentialsofrecovery

We learn from every experience, in retrospect, that everything has turned out perfectly.

~ Robbie Rocheford ~

We can all look back on troubling times and understand how they contributed to our growth as women. At the time, we couldn’t imagine how we would survive. Terror and hopelessness were our companions then. What relief the program has given us! We have a new companion now. And we are growing in wisdom about how perfectly our lives are unfolding. Every experience is giving us new understanding and the strength to go on. More important, we are becoming better prepared to help other women survive similar experiences.

We are being guided on this journey by a Higher Power. Each of us has a place to go, a job to do. Because we suffer from “self-will run riot,” we can take wrong turns. Then we suffer the consequences. Fortunately, our Higher Power is always close at hand, ready to help us when we become willing to ask for help. This is likely the most important lesson we are here to learn: ask our Higher Power for help and we will be shown the way.

I can trust that anything I experience today will benefit my growth. If I ask my Higher Power for help and strength, I will feel peace.

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