Friday, 14 April 2017

A WOMAN’S SPIRIT #essentialsofrecovery

To let go is to wander often into dark, unknown, scary places. The darkness fades as we stretch out our hand and feel the touch, the grasp, of another.

~ Margo Casey ~

It’s not surprising that we fear letting go. We spent years trying to control other people and circumstances. And just because we generally failed at our attempts doesn’t mean that we understood why. Most of us have continued to think, “Maybe this time . . .” How lucky we are to have this program as a daily guide. We are getting the message. Some of us may take longer hearing it, but all of us will learn that letting go is possible. Every time we do so successfully, we ensure that we will let go even more quickly the next time.

Besides the serenity that comes when we let go, we feel the soft touch of our Higher Power, who has been awaiting our reach for help. Letting go gives us not only peace but also the spiritual connection that will help us let go more quickly the next time.

I can let go of any problem that troubles me today. God will be there to take my burden and my hand.

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