Friday, 14 April 2017

EASY DOES IT #essentialsofrecovery


Count your garden by the flowers, not by the leaves that fall

~ Dixie Willson ~

Stories we hear as lessons should be shared with friends so they too can benefit from them. One such tale is about a young woman seeking spiritual growth.

When told, “You weren’t promised a rose garden,” she replied, “No, but I appreciate the garden I’ve been given. I know I’ll never enjoy lovely roses unless I personally spend much time weeding, hoeing, mulching, fertilizing, watering, spraying, and pruning. Only after working in my garden can I pause to smell the roses. And if I am unwilling to risk getting stuck by thorns, I’ll never have the joy of gathering beautiful flowers to give to those I love.”

Life is like a garden. Enjoyment of it depends on how well I do the spade work. Many an old-timer reminds me “pray for potatoes but pick up a hoe.”

©1990 by Anonymous, Published by Hazelden 
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