Monday, 3 April 2017

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Spiritual Growth

There’s an old saying, “To him that hath, more shall be given.” That
saying applies to our growth in AA. If we dedicate ourselves to the
program, new information and understanding will continue to flow in our

This is not because God is singling us out for special favors. It’s
simply a law of life. When we are interested in a subject, we find more
knowledge coming to us almost “Out of the blue” as we continue to seek
it. It’s almost as if hidden forces were gathering up ideas and pushing
them in our direction.

What’s happened is that we have put ourselves in line for such growth.
We have our antennae out, and we become conditioned to recognize useful
ideas as they come to us. We are Open-Minded to our good.
This same process has also led to more general knowledge about
alcoholism. When the early AA’s attained sobriety, most of the
information about alcoholism was summed up in a handful of books. Now
there are hundreds of books, symposia, and speeches dealing with the
subject. More was revealed, and we can hope that even more will be
revealed as we continue to focus on recovery.

I can expect useful information to come to me from a number of sources.
My interest in my recovery and self-improvement helps attract the
information and understanding I need.

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