Monday, 10 July 2017

Daily Zen #essentialsofrecovery

A person who is truly cultivating the path does not notice the faults of the world; instead, he or she constantly notes their own faults and thereby comes into conformity with the path. If one then notices the faults of others, it is as if those faults are one’s own…If one is a person of virtue, in your heart you will not look down on others but will practice universal respect.

People without virtue consider themselves to be great, and in their hearts they constantly slight other people. If one is truly unmoving, one will not notice the faults of those you see or any of their good and bad actions or proper and improper conduct. This is because true nature is unmoving.

Although the body of deluded people does not move in meditation, when they open their mouths they talk about everyone’s good and bad actions and become estranged thereby from the path. Hence the immovability created by looking at the mind or looking at purity during still meditation produces obstacles on the path.

– Patriarch of Ts’ao-ch’i Mountain
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