Saturday, 15 July 2017

Today’s Gift #essentialsofrecovery

Somebody’s boring me – I think it’s me.

— Dylan Thomas

Sobriety and recovery are supposed to be fun. Otherwise no one would do it. If we’re bored or stagnant, it’s because we’re not doing recovery right.

Recovery is a wonderful adventure filled with new faces, growth, love, acceptance, laughs, peace, serenity, comfort, and fellowship. If we can’t find any of that, we need to find out why. Maybe we’re purposely trying to avoid the good stuff of sobriety so we can set ourselves up to use again. Or maybe we just need to try some new friends or get involved with a social activity. Today we have the power to take action on our own behalf.

Today don’t let me get away with blaming my boredom on somebody or something else.

From the book:

Our Best Days by Nancy Hull-Mast. © 1990 by Hazelden Foundation
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