Saturday, 5 August 2017

Today’s Gift #essentialsofrecovery

When they take your smile away they might just as well shoot you.

— Violet Hensley

Violet is one big smile. And it’s not the result of having an easy life. On the contrary, she has worked doubly hard all her life to support her family. However, she has a joyful attitude, and it has made the difference in her life. Now in old age, she still works hard making fiddles for sale and performing music; but she loves every minute of life, and when you’re with her, you love it too.

Why aren’t we more like Violet? The answer always rests within us. We have decided how to respond to life’s trials. We were never forced to dread, hate, or appreciate our experiences. We were, and still are, solely responsible for our interpretation. The Violets of the world opted to have more fun.

How do we begin having more fun? The first step is deciding to leave the past behind. No matter what our experiences were last year or in our childhood or even this morning, they don’t have to determine what our experiences will be in this next hour. Having more fun is clearly a decision that is coupled with action. Any one of us can do it as well as we want to.

Smiling at myself in the mirror is good practice. Offering one to the first person I encounter strengthens my desire to offer more.

From the book:

                                               Keepers of the Wisdom © 1996 by Karen Casey
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