Monday, 4 September 2017

Daily Dose Of Emmet Fox #essentialsofrecovery


Many people would like to attend what they call an advanced class in metaphysics but what could an advanced course include that would not be in the ordinary lessons?
The usual metaphysical classes teach that God is the only power, and that evil is insubstantial; that we form our own destiny by our thoughts and our beliefs; that conditions do not matter when we pray; that time and space and matter are human illusions that there is a solution to every problem; that man is the child of God, and God is perfect good, that Jesus Christ is the one who taught the full truth about God, and actually demonstrated it.
Once the student has obtained a correct intellectual comprehension of these facts, and digested them—at least partially—the only thing that remains for him is to develop his understanding by demonstrating them in practice.
So we see that the real advanced course is the one we give ourselves by demonstrating over the practical problems of everyday life.

“Faith without works is dead” James 2:20 
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