Saturday, 9 December 2017

KEEP IT SIMPLE #essentialsofrecovery

There is no stronger bond of friendship than a mutual enemy.

~ Frankfort Moore 

A.A. is a fellowship united against the same enemy—alcoholism. Our bonds give us strength to recover. We may not even know each other’s last name, but we’ll do anything to help each other stay sober.

Our illness has taken much. But it has also given us much. We have millions of new friends. Almost anywhere in the world, we can find a member of our fellowship. Our new way of life depends on the strength of the fellowship. We should do nothing to weaken it.

When you don’t feel like going to a meeting—go, not only for yourself but for the sake of the fellowship. It truly needs you.

Prayer for the Day:

Higher Power, You have given me A. A. Now help me to keep it going. A.A. needs me, just as I need A.A. Help me give even when I don’t want to.

Action for the Day:

Today, I’ll give back to the program. I’ll call a new member, volunteer to put on a meeting, or make the coffee.”

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