Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

No Need to be Perfect

We often declare that we suffered from perfectionism while we were drinking. This did not mean that we did things perfectly or always met high standards. More likely, it meant that we had grandiose ideas of the perfect people we wanted to be, but felt deep inadequacy about our failure to meet these high standards.

While we should develop good standards and values for our lives, we place an impossible demand on ourselves by wanting to be perfect in every way. What is this but a secret desire to be better than others, to occupy a superior position that will enable us to look down on others and, at the same time, to receive their approval and admiration?

In some manufacturing fields, there is a useful saying that serves as a guideline for inspectors: “Good enough is best.” If something is good enough for its intended purpose, it may be equal to the best. If my performance and actions this day are good enough, it maybe that they are as good as they have to be or as God wants them to be.

I will not expect impossible things from myself today. I will meet reasonable standards without permitting myself to become tense or strained.
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