Friday, 22 December 2017

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

Watching what we think
Personal Inventory.

It’s healthy for AA members to confess personal difficulties with destructive thinking. When we find ourselves becoming too irritable or impatient, it’s important to admit this in meetings or one-on-one discussions. Usually, just the admission of the problem helps solve it.
It’s only false pride that makes us think we should be “above” destructive thinking. As human beings, we’ll be susceptible to human failings no matter how long we’ve been sober.

If we continue to watch what we think, we’ll also be able to head off very serious problem before they get out of control. Far from being a sign that we’re not working the program, the practice of weeding out our current faults is the Tenth Step in action. Continuing to take personal inventory and admitting our wrongs are a safeguard against trouble.

Destructive thinking is no respecter of persons, and even as an older member, I could lapse into it today. I always have the Tenth Step, however, to get me back on track.
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