Friday, 9 February 2018

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

Getting started Today
Responsible activity

For the recovering person, every assignment or day’s work can have a disagreeable moment. The problem is getting started____ overcoming our fear of taking the plunge.

The real problem is deeper than the wish to avoid mere unpleasantness. Some of our resistance to getting started may be fear of failure. It could also be a deep-seated desire to live in a problem free environment, where all of our needs can be met without effort on our part. It can even be a desire to return to the quest for constant excitement and stimulation.

We need to know that our answer is in guidance and acceptance. If we have truly committed our will and lives to the care and keeping of our Higher Power, we will find the right path for each day’s work. We can also accept any work or challenge that occurs, knowing it is part of a higher order for our lives. Our current situation may be depressing or boring, but it can easily be a stepping stone to our long-term good.

I will meet today’s challenges and responsibilities with gratitude and confidence, knowing that God is guiding and directing my life.
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