Sunday, 25 March 2018

As Bill Sees It #essentialsofrecovery

Benefits of Responsibility, p. 84

“Happily, A.A.’s per capita expenses are very low. For us to fail to meet them would be to evade a responsibility beneficial for us.

“Most alcoholics have said they had no troubles that money would not cure. We are a group that, when drinking, always held out a hand for funds. So when we commence to pay our own service bills, this is a healthy change.”

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“Because of drinking, my friend Henry had lost a high-salaried job. There remained a fine house–with a budget three times his reduced earnings.

“He could have rented the house for enough to carry it. But no! Henry said he knew that God wanted him to live there, and He would see that the costs were paid. So Henry went on running up bills and glowing with faith. Not surprisingly, his creditors finally took over the place.

“Henry can laugh about it now, having learned that God more often helps those who are willing to help themselves.”

1. Letter, 1960

2. Letter, 1966 
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