Saturday, 10 March 2018

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An intimate truth is also a universal truth.

— John Cournos

Truth is often associated primarily with the larger issues and set alongside such ideals as Justice, Freedom, and Democracy. We like the grand words – and properly so on the grand occasions.

But let’s remember, too, that truth between us and someone we are close to is also of supreme value. An endearment, a tender emotion shared, an admission, an apology, a vow, an act of forgiveness – all these take on the meaning of truth in an intimate context. And that, for all of us, is a context that matters.

How we are with one another on the level of feeling and trust is of vital importance. In building a meaningful relationship, we are implicitly making a statement about what the world can be – one built on courage, tolerance, affection, honesty, and love. Such truths as these will ring out clearly until the end of time.

I am uncovering many truths in my life that are connected to my relationships with other people.

From the book:

                           Answers in the Heart © 1989 by P. Williamson and S. Kiser
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