Monday, 16 July 2018

Daily Dose OF Emmet Fox

Glimpsing one tiny corner of the universe, and that with only half-opened eyes, and working from an ex-clusively anthropocentric and geocentric point of view, men built up absurd and very horrible fables about a limited and man-like God who conducted his universe very much as a rather ignorant and barba-rous prince might conduct the affairs of a small Orien-tal kingdom. All sorts of human weaknesses, such as vanity, fickleness, and spite, were attributed to this be-ing. Then a farfetched and very inconsistent legend was built up concerning original sin, vicarious blood atonement, infinite punishment for finite transgres-sions; and, in certain cases, an unutterably horrible doctrine of predestination to eternal torment, or eter-nal bliss, was added. Now, no such theory as this is taught in the Bible. If it were the object of the Bible to teach it, it would be clearly stated in a straightforward manner in some chapter or other; but it is not.
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