Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation


“The foolish and the dead never change their opinion.”

–James Russell Lowell

Part of my understanding of spirituality is that I will change. I will change my mind, my attitude and my opinion. My understanding of sobriety is that I will grow, grow in an understanding of myself, grow in an understanding of God’s will for me, and grow in an understanding of other people. Today I am not afraid to change my thinking about life.

During my years as an addict I was fixed and rigid about everything. I saw it as weakness to change my mind and opinions. Now I understand that I was afraid of change, afraid not to have an answer, afraid not to be seen as being “in charge”.

In treatment I learned how to understand spirituality as reality; seeing things as they are, rather than how I wanted them to be. I began to accept that life is about change and that truth is a process that we evolve towards.

In my journey towards You may I have the willingness to change.
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