Tuesday, 4 December 2018

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Pray to God but row to shore.

— Proverb

There exists a Divine partnership between God and man that is wonderfully depicted in the following story. A young minister was driving through the countryside when he spotted a farmer tilling 40 acres of magnificent farmland. The minister pulled over and addressed the farmer, “God has certainly blessed you with a wonderful piece of land.” The farmer replied, “Yes, but you should have seen the mess it was in when God had it to Himself!”

A well-known entrepreneur was asked the secret of her business success. She answered, “I pray as if everything depends on God, but act as if everything depends on me.” It is not enough just to pray for and affirm our good. Like the farmer and businesswoman, we must also take concrete steps to make our dreams a reality.

Working together, we and spirit form an unbeatable combination. Neither can succeed without the other. Just as nature provided the land but needed the farmer to till the soil, spirit needs us to bring about heaven on earth. Let us work together as Divine partners to fulfill this promise.

From the book:

                                                 Listening to Your Inner Voice by Douglas Bloch
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