Tuesday, 28 October 2014

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THE way that can be told of is hardly an eternal, absolute, unvarying one;

The name that can be coded and given is no absolute name.

Heaven and earth sprang from something else: the bright nameless;

The named is but the said mother that rears the ten thousand creatures of heaven and earth, each after its kind.

He that rids himself of base desire can see the secret essences;

He that didn't and reached high being, he can see outcomes.

Still the two are the same; the secret and its manifestations came from the same ground, the same mould, but anyway sound different -

They are given different names where they appear.

They can both be called the cosmic mystery, awesome deep.

Or rather more secret than so-called mystery.

There is the deeper mystery: the gate and doorway all hidden essences issued from: all such subleties.

And the subtle, mysterial opening homewards.

Call it the door mystery or golden secret of all life.

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