Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Walk In Dry Places #Recovery #Spiritual #AA


Waste Utilization
Releasing the past

Today the world faces seemingly insurmountable problems with solid and liquid waste. Communities struggle to find solutions as waste accumulates and space for disposal sites grows scarce.

As recovering people, we have a similar problem with waste residues from our past. We don’t seem to be able to bury bad memories; like the physical waste in the environment, they come back to poison us.

The best answer is to use waste, not throw it away. Instead of trying to bury the past, let’s keep it in view but let it be purified by the sunlight of honesty and humility. By admitting past wrongs and forgiving everyone involved…. including ourselves….. we turn waste into useful experience. Nature can do this with much physical waste, over time. we can also let our spiritual nature do that with the emotional and
mental waste of our past.

I’ll realize that every past mistake and experience can be properly utilized today for something good and uplifting.

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