Sunday, 28 December 2014

Step by Step #recovery #AA #StepByStep


Today, let me loosen my grip on my perspective that the Program hammers what I cannot do and, instead, understand that it empowers me with what I can do. While I cannot continue in futile endeavor to regain control over alcohol, I can dis-empower it by not feeding it. While I cannot continue to engage in conduct that injures myself and others, I can chart a 180-degree course change and start to give something nurturing instead of inflicting harm. And while I cannot always make direct amends for whatever reason, I can make indirect amends by working a Program in which my sobriety is its own amend. The Program of AA is not one of cannot; it is, instead, a Program of can. Today the first word in can’t is can. And I can. And our common journey continues. 

Step by step. – Chris M.

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