Tuesday, 30 December 2014

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Today, I awaken to a new day with full memory of last night but, if not, the day that awaits offers a chance for another beginning. Grant me the wisdom and courage, Higher Power, to seize the opportunity to continue or even begin to work toward something better, something I thirst and hunger for – sobriety, serenity, peace, calm, a worthy self-image, and a sense of gratitude that I am here even to be given yet another second chance. My best hope for what I seek is AA and its Steps and Principles and, today, may I finally decide that enough is enough of the alcoholic hangover and all the garbage that comes with it. But let me be disciplined enough, too, to understand that what sobriety and recovery offer comes with a price – to be of service to anyone else who needs and wants what I seek. Today, I have yet another chance for another new beginning. Let not the lifeboat go by without me on board. And our common journey continues.

 Step by step. - Chris M.

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