Monday, 27 April 2015

Step by Step #essentialsofrec #Change #Defects #Character #Recovery


Today, I will work on my character defects of frustration and impatience as they relate to my relationships and communications. As a drinking #alcoholic, frustration and impatience walked hand-in-hand when it came to dealing with others: frustration with impatience of people who did not react how and when I expected. As a recovering alcoholic, frustration and impatience still walk hand-in-hand in dealing with others. Clearly, little change; also clearly, abstaining from the bottle isn’t all that recovery requires. A fundamental change in character and emotional development is needed. If I overreact when people do not respond when and how I believe they should, maybe I am the problem by not opening myself to the possibility that I might learn or understand something that someone could offer when their thought processes don’t match up with mine. Today, I will work consciously and conscientiously on my defects of frustration and impatience by considering the possibility that someone other than myself might have a better idea. And our common journey continues.

 Step by step. – Chris M.
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