Sunday, 31 May 2015

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If one is going to be truthful, one has to be very tender.

— Florida Scott-Maxwell

Honesty is always the best policy, right? We glibly recite that saying, but it’s important to reevaluate its meaning when we are eager to correct or direct the actions of the other people. If being honest will unnecessarily harm them, perhaps being silent is better.

The program is helping us restructure our lives. We discover that many former, automatic responses no longer fit who we desire to be. That means we have to try new, less-practiced behaviors, such as being honest without being harsh or critical.

Learning tenderness is possible. With the help of this program and one another, we are learning to express the acceptance and love that have been given to us by our Higher Power. Giving away what we have been given is sharing the truth absolutely.

I will not hurt anyone today by any comment. I will truthfully share the love and acceptance I have been given.

From the book:

A Woman’s Spirit by Karen Casey. © 1994 by Hazelden Foundation
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