Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Step by Step #essentialsofrecovery #Sobriety


Today, if in sobriety I cling onto such all-consuming and self-destructive emotions like resentment, anger, grief or bitterness and will not or cannot yet free myself of them, today, I at least will not take on any more feelings that I cannot handle. Recovery is partly about getting rid of the garbage and self-defeatism that I acquired pre-alcoholic and during my drinking days; it is not about acquiring more of the same. In refusing to take on any more, I at least will have something less to work through and, in fact, might be able to take on what exists one thing at a time. Today, my recovery will focus on getting rid of what needs to be rid of and not on collecting more of what I do not need. All I need remember is to “Let Go and Let God,” and not take back that which I let go. And our common journey continues.

Step by step. – Chris M.
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