Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A WOMAN'S SPIRIT #essentialsofrec #Recovery #Opportunity

No matter what happens, I must get on with my life.

~ Ruth Humlecker 

Life is full of uncertainties: people we love come and go, opportunities knock and then disappear, jobs sour, and goals become unachievable. We are forever adjusting to the unexpected. However, remembering that there is one constant in our lives, a Higher Power who will support and guide us, helps us accept whatever comes our way.

There is no conspiracy against us. It may feel that way when we are overwhelmed by or unprepared for a crisis. But there is a plan for us. And it fits only us. The most productive lesson we can learn is to trust that this is so. We can learn to appreciate every experience for the part it plays in our lives.

Our lives continue to unfold. Each day brings us closer to the woman we are destined to be. Let’s get on with it!

No matter what happens, I am in good hands. My course has been set. I’ll look for the good in all of today.

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