Tuesday, 29 December 2015

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No Regrets of the Past

“The past is best mended by living so fully today that its errors have no place in our lives.” These words by an AA member suggest an approach for healing from the past.

All of us would benefit to use today’s knowledge to deal with situations we mishandled in the past. But we must remember that whatever mistakes we made, we had available only the knowledge and resources we possessed then, and we may have done about as well as we possibly could at the time.

We should also remember that active alcoholism is a crippling and ugly disease with many terrible consequences. It’s not surprising that bad things happened to us and to others when we were drinking. We can only be grateful that we are now recovering and that matters are better, not worse, than they once were.

I’ll live fully today, allowing no thoughts of regret from my past to intrude.

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