Friday, 29 January 2016

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How do you know when you’ve hit bottom? When you stop digging!

~ Anonymous 

We learn in recovery how to deal with the down times. Our Program constantly reminds us that we hit bottom when we stop digging. Therefore we can stop a downward spiral by simply letting go and letting God and our friends help us. Our Higher Power and the Program will provide a ladder with which we can crawl out of our hole. We just need to remember to use the ladder.

God will never take away our free will. If we use our will to do the business of our Higher Power and work the Steps, we will be surrounded by love and have strength. It is when we sometimes use our free will to do the bidding of our own ego and set expectations too high that we fall into a bottomless pit.

Working with and helping others is the basic “ladder” at my disposal when I deal with the blues and down times. So I always keep in touch with my fellow travelers.

©1990 by Anonymous, Published by Hazelden
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