Friday 29 March 2024

A WOMAN’S SPIRIT #essentialsofrec #HigherPower #Truth

Inside me is a stirring truth that is guided by my Higher Power. I am empowered by truth and joy.

~ Laurel Lewis ~
Remembering that our Higher Power’s wisdom and truth are as dose as our quiet moments offers us welcome relief in troubled times. However, we must guard against hearing the voice of our injured ego instead of the voice of God. Many of us have for decades been led by our disabled ego. When faced with fear and discouragement, we need profound willingness to follow God’s will rather than our own.

Having access to God’s truth every minute of our lives can make each decision less frightening. No experience, regardless how unfamiliar, can be too much for us if we remember to listen for our Higher Power’s direction.

As we strengthen our reliance on the Messenger within, we experience new levels of joy and inner peace. And we understand the real meaning of life.

I will listen to the still, small voice within and feel secure and joyful, knowing that my actions are God’s will.

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