Sunday 31 March 2024

A WOMAN’S SPIRIT #essentialsofrec #positivity #Attitude

Even on a rainy day, I can feel the sunshine.
Even when the clouds are gray, I can feel a glow.
There’s a little light inside me, just keeps burning.
I take it with me, everywhere I go.

~ Jill Clark ~
We carry within ourselves the single necessary Ingredient for our happiness: a positive attitude. Nothing can ruin our day, unless we let it. No remark can devastate us, unless we let it. No person can have a harmful, lasting impact on us, unless we let him or her. No unhealthy, negative attitude controls our thoughts without our assent.

Feeling good about the experiences we’re having, regardless of their nature, is a decision. Trusting that some good will come out of every one of them is a habit we can form. We can acquire un attitude of hope for growth and positive change.

I will see the sunshine even through the clouds if that’s my choice. Today I have twenty-four hours to practice this.

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