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Moses—who overcame the old age belief to the extent of manifesting the physical body of a young man in the prime of life when, according to the calendar, he was one hundred and twenty years old, and then transcended matter altogether, or “dematerialized” without dying—was known pre-eminently for this quality; “as meek as Moses.” apart from his own personal demonstration, Moses also did a marvelous work for his whole nation, getting it out of Egyptian bondage in the face of incredible difficulties. Moses had an open mind, ready to be taught new things and new ways of thinking and working. He was not, in the beginning at least, free from serious faults of character, but he gradually rose above these defects as the new truth worked in his soul.

Moses thoroughly understood that to conform oneself rigorously to the will of God, far from involving the loss of any good, could only mean a better and more splendid life. He did not, therefore, think of his as self-sacrifice, for he knew it to be the highest form of self-glorification—the glorification of god.

…the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works…I am in the Father, and Father in me (John 14:10-11).

There is a marvelous oriental saying that “meekness compels God himself.”

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