Saturday, 28 May 2016

Emmet Fox - Your Master Demonstration #essentialsofrec #Emmet #Fox

There are two or three fundamental principles with which we are all acquainted, and I in which we believe--at least in theory. Unfortunately, however, there are still many people who give assent to these principles but yet realize them only slightly. Of course, there are also some who have at least a fair realization of what they mean, but not one of us has anything like a full realization.

As soon as we succeed in getting a strong realization (even though not one hundred percent) things will being to move for the better in our lives with a power and rapidity that we have not yet even dreamed of.

The first thing you must being to realize is that there is nothing that prayer cannot accomplish. Many people are perfectly ready to accept these principles as theories but they think that even if they could be made to work, the task would call for extraordinary and exceptional beings. But you have to know that you must being to realize not only that they apply to you personally but that your own prayers can work the miracle. So this applies not only to the prayers of others for you but to your own prayers for yourself or for your loved ones.

This is true because it is God who is the Healer, and the potency of your prayer will depend solely on the faith that you put into it and not upon any other quality.

These things being true--and they are---I am going to suggest that you personally, whoever you are who is reading this, begin to work along these lines immediately. By this I mean, naturally, that you will begin to work for greater realization of the fundamental truths quoted above, and not be satisfied to say that you that you already know them and accept them.

Most of you have had at least one or two very remarkable demonstrations, or answers to prayer, but in most cases they have happened only occasionally. Now begin to make them occur more and more often, and determine also to make your Master Demonstration this year.

By the Master Demonstration of your life I mean demonstrating whatever is most important in your life; by far more important than anything else whatever. When you succeed in that it will in itself naturally change your life infinitely for good, and apart from the actual demonstration you will find that you have taken an incalculable step forward on the spiritual path.

Fox, Emmet (2010-09-07). Stake Your Claim: Exploring the Gold Mine Within (pp. 34-35). Harper Collins, Inc. Kindle Edition.
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