Thursday 4 July 2024

As Bill Sees It #essentialsofrec #Recovery

Boomerang, p. 185

When I was ten, I was tall and gawky, and smaller kids could push me around in quarrels.
I remember being very depressed for a year or more, and then I began to develop fierce
resolve to win.

One day, my grandfather came along with a book about Australia and told me, “This
books says that nobody but an Australian bushman knows how to make and throw a

“Here’s my chance,” I thought. “I will be the first man in America to make and throw a
boomerang.” Well, any kid could have a notion like that. It might have lasted two days
or two weeks. But mine was a power drive that kept on for six months, till I made a
boomerang that swung around the church yard in front of the house and almost hit my
grandfather in the head when it came back.

Emotionally, I had begun the fashioning of another sort of boomerang, one that almost
killed me later on. 
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