Thursday 29 December 2016

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~ Page 310 ~

Learning Trust

Our entire A.A. program rests upon the principle of mutual trust. We trust God, we trust A.A., and we trust each other. Therefore, we trust our leaders in world service. The “Right of Decision” that we offer them is not only the practical means by which they may act and lead effectively, but it is also the symbol of our implicit confidence.

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If you arrive at A.A. with no religious convictions, you can, if you wish, make A.A. itself or even your A.A. group your “Higher Power”. Here’s a large group of people who have solved their alcohol problem. In this respect they are certainly a power greater than you. Even this minimum of faith will be enough.

Many members who have crossed the threshold just this way will tell you that, once across, their faith broadened and deepened. Relieved of the alcohol obsession, their lives unaccountably transformed, they came to believe in a Higher Power, and most of them began to talk of God.

~ 2. TWELVE AND TWELVE, PP. 27-28 ~

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