Saturday 30 April 2022

Daily Reflections #essentialsofrecovery


These legacies of suffering and of recovery are easily passed

among alcoholics, one to the other. This is our gift from God,

and its bestowal upon others like us is the one aim that today

animates A.A.’s all around the globe.


The great paradox of A.A. is that I know I cannot keep the

precious gift of sobriety unless I give it away. My primary purpose is

to stay sober. In A.A. I have no other goal, and the importance of this

 is a matter of life or death for me. If I veer from this purpose I lose. 

But A.A. is not only for me; it is for the alcoholic who still suffers. The

legions of recovering alcoholics stay sober by sharing with fellow alcoholics. 

The way to my recovery is to show others in A.A. that when I share with them, 

we both grow in the grace of the Higher Power, and both of us are on the road

to a happy destiny.
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