Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Random Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous #essentialsofrecovery

How it finally broke a Southerner’s obstinacy and destined this salesman to start A.A. at Philadelphia. Peddling off my polish samples for expenses, I crawled back to New York a few days later in a very chastened frame of mind. When the others saw my altered attitude they took me back in, but for me they had to make it tough; if they hadn’t I don’t think I ever would have stuck it out. Once again, there was the challenge of a tough job, but this time I was determined to follow through. For a long time the only Higher Power I could concede was the power of the group, but this was far more than I had ever recognized before, and it was at least a beginning. It was also an ending, for never since June 16th, 1938, have I had to walk alone.The Vicious Cycle - p. 229

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