Sunday 26 June 2022

Emmet Fox - Be Still A Treatment against fear #essentialsofrecovery

Now the Psalmist makes us say The Lord of hosts is with us: the God of Jacob is our refuge. This destroys the feeling of God being afar off. The "Lord of Hosts" is the title for God that stresses His great power and might. It is the omnipotence aspect of God, we should say technically. So here we declare that Omnipotence is with us, and working through us; and he carefully adds that It is also God of Jacob. Now Jacob stands for the soul that is not yet redeemed,the soul still struggling in difficulty and conscious imperfecttion. Israel, "the Prince of God," is the soul that has realized its divine nature; but Jacob is still in the midst of his troubles. So the Psalmist here reminds us that God is the Great Power, the Lord of Hosts, for Jacob just as well as for Israel. 
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