Thursday 22 June 2017

Today’s Gift from Hazelden #essentialsofrecovery

If you go around thinking you are being cheated, life becomes very unpleasant.

— Felix Salten

Sometimes we feel cheated that we have been given this darn disease to cope with. Why us? Why can’t we just be like normal people? Why did we have to get into so much trouble and pain as a result of a disease that hit us and skipped over other people?

Another way to look at it is: Hey, I’m really lucky. I have a killer disease, and I’m beating the odds. I’m getting healthier every day. I got my life back.

Another way to look at it is: At least this is a disease I can recover from.

The Big Book Promises (on pages 83 and 84) say that any feeling of self-pity will disappear by the time we are working Step Nine. We may even be grateful for the path that led us to recovery. Do we believe it? There’s one way to find out: We need to try it.

Prayer for the Day
Higher Power, help me to remember that there are a lot worse things in life than being in recovery.

Today’s Action
What are five good things that I have gotten from recovery? Ten? I will write these down and refer to them when I’m tempted to feel sorry for myself.

From the book:

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