Monday, 14 May 2018

Walk in Dry Places

Making Laws For Ourselves

Attaining Freedom

Being human means that we’re subject to all the laws and limitations that apply to human beings. We should not, however, put more limitations on ourselves than might be required by our situation.

Recovering People should be able to do anything within their capabilities. It’s usually a mistake to think that our problem means forfeiture of opportunities. One person, for example, often told his friends that he could not return to his former profession in sales because “nobody want to hire an alcoholic salesman.”

But it is not written anywhere that firms will not gladly welcome a capable sales associate who is recovering. Many alcoholics do return to their former employment upon recovery. Our friend was simply making a law for himself by believing he was blocked from this field.

Let’s always remember that recovery is freedom, not bondage. And let’s see ourselves doing anything that’s reasonable and proper for others.

Having rejoined the human race, I’ll enthusiastically accept all the advantages and opportunities others have.
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