Wednesday 31 October 2018

A Day At A Time

Reflection For The Day

If I’m to continue growing in The Program, I must literally “get wise to myself.”  I must remember that for most of my life I’ve been terribly self-deceived.  The sin of pride has been at the root of most of my self-deception, usually masquerading under the guise of some virtue.  I must work continually to uncover pride in all its subtle forms, lest it stop me in my tracks and push me backward once again to the brink of disaster.  When it comes to pride, do I believe, in Emerson’s words, that “it is impossible for a man to be cheated by anyone but himself…?”

Today I Pray

May I know that button-popping pride is inappropriate for me as a recovering addict.  It hides my faults for me.  It turns people off and gets in the way of my helping others.  It halts my progress because it makes me think I’ve done enough self-searching and I’m “cured.”  I pray to my Higher Power that I may be realistic enough to accept my success in The Program without giving in to pride.

Today I Will Remember

Pride halts progress. 
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