Sunday, 18 November 2018

FR.LEO'S DAILY MEDITATION #essentialsofrecovery


“All cruelty springs from weakness.”

~ A Seneca Saying 

Spiritual recovery means I must confront my disease and remember the sick attitudes and behavior patterns. Sometimes, I would rather not talk about my disease for it can be embarrassing and shameful, particularly the cruelty I demonstrated. Alcoholism made me lash out at the weak. My own weakness inflicted pain and cruelty on others.

Today I remember this only to rejoice in the strength that allows me vulnerability. My past weaknesses made me act as if I were strong. Now my strength allows me to be weak in a way that is healthy.

I get my ego out of the way and open my heart to love. I know my strength is God ordained and shows up in myriad ways.

God, the recognition of my past cruelties enables me to forgive and understand others. 

© 2008 Leo Booth 
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