Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Today's Gift

Open your mind and your heart to be still.

—Shawn Phillips

In this time of international conflict and mistrust it is easy to despair. At times we may even feel hopeless as we hear about wars and weapons. But there is hope! Change can grow from within each of us.

The world is like a tree – if the tree is diseased and the leaves brown and brittle; the gardener does not treat the branches, but tends to the roots. Our world is made up of nations, in which there are states containing communities of neighborhoods where individual people live. We are the roots of our world tree. As attitudes change; as we accept and love ourselves honestly and learn, in turn, to accept and love others regardless of our differences, slowly, the branches that extend from us and cover the world will grow strong. The peace we can make within ourselves can be reflected everywhere.

Will I find the peace within myself today?
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