Monday, 24 December 2018

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Though resentment gets more attention in AA than jealousy, both of these ugly emotions can plague us in sobriety. Some of us can be very distressed and ashamed when the green demon of jealousy suddenly assaults us. Does this mean we’re not working our program?

No, because the purpose of our program is to bring honesty and healing into our lives, not denial of basic human emotions. It’s very understandable that we have pangs of jealousy even in sobriety. Quite often, this jealousy will be felt toward loved ones and close friends.

One young AA father discovered he was jealous of his wife when their infant son seemed more responsive to her than to him. We can also experience jealousy when others close to us receive things we’d like to have. It’s even possible to be jealous of another’s standing in AA.

When such feelings arise, we always have the answer: We must discuss our feelings with certain AA friends and turn these problems over to our Higher Power. This, not denial, is always the solution.

If the green demon of envy and jealousy arises today, I’ll let the healing power of the Twelve Steps go to work on it.

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