Friday, 7 December 2018



Principles before Personalities

We’re sometimes led to do something because a persuasive or important person recommends it. This is, in fact, the strategy behind endorsement advertising.

We learn in AA that it’s more important to ask what is right rather than who is offering a course of action. If a course of action is right, it matters not who recommends it. If it is wrong, a dozen important people cannot make it right by endorsing it.

There are, indeed, many important people whom we can know and trust. But we should always remember that every human being will turn out to have clay feet if he or she is set up as a god. Our trust must always be in our Higher Power and in principles that never fail.

I’ll not be unduly impressed today by persuasive, charismatic people. I’ll follow their ideas only if I believe them to be right. Principles have a precedence over personality.

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