Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Father Leo’s Daily Meditation #essentialsofrecovery.


“A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.”—Oscar Wilde

I came to the conclusion in my battle with alcoholism that my involvement with God’s will for me was crucial; my choice is the result of God’s bestowed gift of freedom. And freedom is awfully real! The price of freedom is Auschwitz; the price of freedom is the world’s starving millions; the price of freedom is the dead drunk in a derelict building. Men do insane and destructive things, usually because they think they know best. Men die to protect their ego. The sin of Adam, wanting to be like God, haunts us all.

Today I am learning to detach spiritually in order to discover a pure and selfless love. I stand back and consider before I act; often after a time of reflection I see the event differently — and it is okay to change my mind.

Lord, I understand choice to be the key to my humanity.
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