Friday, 4 January 2019

Walk In Dry Places #essentialsofrecovery

God’s will for us
Higher Will

More than one alcoholic has trouble learning and accepting God’s will. This difficulty may grow out of the old belief that God’s will is going to be something unpleasant or dull. “I was afraid of learning God’s will, because I thought I might have to go off to Africa as a missionary,” one young person said at a meeting.

But God only intends what is best for us; therefore, the only real happiness and security comes from learning and carrying out God’s will. God’s plan is always better and greater than anything we might produce when depending solely on human reason. Our own view and understandings are limited, but God can see a breathtaking sweep of wonderful activities and opportunities for us.

Most of us, by yielding to self-will, lose out in the search for real joy, true success, and genuine happiness. Our alcoholism was perhaps the best example of self-will in action. It was only when we turned to a Higher Power that we began to find the things that we had been vainly seeking in the bottle. God has brought us this far and will not fail us when we ask for guidance and understanding in other matters.

I will keep in mind today that God’s will for me is good, and that God gives me the power to live in peace and harmony with others.
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